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La Quiaca - Parque Provincial Potrero de Yala

The Potrero de Yala Provincial Park  

The Potrero de Yala Provincial Park (Yala PPP) is the oldest protected area of ​​the Province of Jujuy. In her beautiful landscapes coexist with local people and visitors from all latitudes. The landscape combines natural elements such as lakes and hills covered Yungas, with others of human origin, such as orchards, houses and livestock. Local people develop in their territory farming activities based on ancient customs, Andean and gauchos. Nature and culture are, for decades, the values ​​that make the park a place of great attraction. This protected area located just 30 km from the city of San Salvador de Jujuy, preserves a section of Montane Forest and Range Fog of Yungas that includes a set of lakes (Lagunas de Yala) and alder forests, pine hill, molulos, queñoas and pepper trees on the hillsides.With approximately 1800 hectares, the Potrero de Yala Provincial Park (Yala PPP) offers tourists a green alternative very close to the entrance to the…